Fully Charged: Tesla’s teased “D” may be enhanced Model S, Roku adds screen mirroring, and watch a drone-shot volcanic eruption

Finish out the week with a smattering of news from around the tech world
Tesla Model S P85D

Tesla’s “D” may be a more powerful Model S

Yesterday, Elon Musk teased the Tesla fanbase with a hint at another electric vehicle with the “D” moniker to be unveiled on 9 October. We wondered if it might be the final name for the Model III compact executive car discussed months back, but now it seems like it might be an enhanced version of the excellent Model S.

A photo posted by a member of the Tesla Motors Club forum purports to show a new version of the Model S spotted at an airfield - the Model S P85D. Jalopnik speculates that it may be a dual-motor version of the Model S using the same all-wheel-drive tech developed for the Model X SUV.

And as for the other thing that Musk teased? He’s since told CNN Money that Tesla expects to have a car next year that “will probably be 90% capable of autopilot.” Maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s something else. Whatever the case, we should have many more answers in one short week.

[Sources: Jalopnik, CNN Money via Engadget]

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Roku adds Android and Windows screen mirroring

Roku Streaming Stick

In an effort to keep up with Chromecast and other cheap, screen-mirroring devices, Roku has announced that a new beta update adds support for the feature with compatible Android and Windows 8.1 phones and tablets.

It’s rolling out now to Roku 3 and Roku Streaming Stick customers, and the list of tested devices is admittedly pretty short for now, focusing on Samsung and Nexus devices, along with Surfaces. But if you have an Android or Windows 8.1 handset and a Roku, you might as well update and see if the added functionality works for you.

[Source: Roku]

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See a drone-flown, GoPro-shot volcanic eruption

How awesome is the pairing of a flying drone and an action camera? So ridiculously awesome that it can be used to shoot the inside of an active camera - even if it melted the face of the camera in the process.

Eric Cheng, DJI’s director of aerial imaging, traveled to Iceland and used one of his company’s own Phantom 2 quadcopter drones with a GoPro Hero3 camera attached to capture the footage from Bardarbunga volcano in the Holuhraun lava field. Luckily, while the camera was damaged, the memory card remained intact; thus, the super cool clip seen above.

[Source: YouTube via Wired]

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Netflix signs exclusive Adam Sandler movies

Jack and Jill

This is the point in which we assume that Netflix has become so drunk with money and influence that it’s struggling to make rational decisions. Why? Because the company has agreed to a deal that sees four movies produced by and starring actor Adam Sandler premiere exclusively on the streaming service.

Yes, Sandler’s movies through his Happy Madison Productions company tend to make a fair bit of money, and he’s had some strongly memorable roles (both comedic and dramatic) in his career. But Sandler’s more recent embrace of mediocrity via films like Jack and Jill and Grown Ups 2 makes the prospect of positive results from the deal seem questionable. Still, anything has to be better than Jack and Jill.

[Source: Netflix]

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