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Fully Charged: Planet Earth II coming in 4K, and Carmageddon cruising back to consoles

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Planet Earth II in 4K

Planet Earth was one of the first truly stunning showcases of HD television, and later this year, Planet Earth II will probably do the same for 4K Ultra HD resolution. The BBC is teaming up with Sir David Attenborough to provide narration for the six-part series, which has other new tricks up its sleeve.

"Using the latest camera stabilisation, remote recording and aerial drone technology, we take the audience closer to nature and allow you to experience the wilderness as if you were there," reads the BBC’s announcement. "Combining dramatic animal behaviour and incredible wildlife spectacle, Planet Earth II promises to give you the most immersive wildlife documentary experience to date."

In other words, it might be the great outdoors that finally push you to invest in a big 4K television for your flat. And that ought to be money well spent, if the first Planet Earth is any indication.

[Sources: BBC, The Verge]

Carmageddon headed to consoles

Got a case of road rage you need to let out? Carmageddon: Reincarnation revived the old-school car combat game on PC last year, and now Carmageddon: Max Damage will bring the mayhem to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Max Damage is apparently a new game, since it’s also coming to PC at some point, and the console versions will be out around mid-year. Reincarnation didn’t fare too well with critics, but maybe this attempt has more to offer than a dated retread.

[Sources: YouTube, VG247]

Lightroom on Android gets RAW

Lightroom on Android gets RAW

Most people use phone cameras for quick, social-ready snapshots – but if you’ve got a top-tier phone, you might want something better. Luckily, Adobe just updated the Android version of Lightroom to include an in-app camera that takes photos in the RAW format (.DNG), which keeps them uncompressed and allows for much more tinkering after the fact.

The files are huge, however, so clear some space on your phone – or grab a huge microSD card, if your phone allows. Lightroom’s 2.0 update also overhauls the Android interface to match the iPhone version, so that’s a plus, and you can hit Adobe’s link below to see some slick photos captured on a Nexus 6P and edited in Lightroom (like the one above).

[Source: Play Store via Adobe]

Broforce wins PS Plus vote

Sony has been doing something interesting with its PlayStation Plus subscription of late, occasionally allowing members to vote on one of three upcoming games that will be free the following month. The people have spoken, and this time, the winner is Broforce, a raucous side-scrolling action affair.

It’ll be free next month for PlayStation 4, along with whichever other games are offered up to Plus members, but worry not: the losing games, Action Henk and Assault Android Cactus, will both be available for 30% off for members from 8-21 March.

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

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