Fully Charged: New YouTube app is here, HTC One Max might get a fingerprint scanner and Frogger hits Google Glass

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New YouTube app is here

Android gets swanky new YouTube app

Google is rolling out YouTube 5.0 for Android, and it’s bringing with it a number of lovely new features. For starters, the user interface is now based on cards, a lot like Google Now. You can also watch videos while browsing for other clips. A number of other small UI tweaks have been made, which you’ll get to play with (if you own an Android device, natch) as the update automatically installs on your phone or tablet within the next few weeks. [Source: Droid Life]

HTC One Max getting fingerprint scanner?

A new leaked image of a device purporting to be the 5.9in HTC One Max shows a black square on the back – could it be a fingerprint scanner? While scanners appear to be coming back into favour (the forthcoming iPhone 5S is rumoured to have one), the placement of this black square seems a tad weird, as it ruins the otherwise elegant backplate of the One Max. We should see the phablet up close at IFA in the next few weeks, so presumably all will be confirmed – or otherwise – then. [Source: TechRadar]

AirCast allows Chromecast to play “any video”

We like Google Chromecast a lot, as you can see from our full review, but the fact that it’s limited to casting YouTube, Netflix and Google Play videos to your TV keeps it from true must-have status. Well, developer Koushik Dutta has taken matters into his own hands with AirCast, an app that lets you sling any video file from an Android device to Chromecast – even files in Dropbox or Google Drive. The app is available now as a free APK file, and is still in beta – so expect quirks. [Source: SlashGear]

Frogger comes to Google Glass – with real-life hopping

Frogger comes to Google Glass – with real-life hopping

Among the apps built at the Breaking Glass Hackathon this weekend was GlassFrogger, a (yes, you guessed it) conversation of the classic game for Google Glass. GlassFrogger recreates the original arcade game’s road-crossing layout in Glass’ HUD, and makes you (the wearer) hop to get your frog moving across the asphalt.

If you don’t have Glass (and you probably don’t, if you’re in the UK), the game works on pretty much anything that has a web browser – although once you’ve taken away the physical hopping, it becomes a little pointless. [Source: GlassFrogger via Engadget]