Fully Charged: Nano-heated coffee cup is on Kickstarter, plus Zombies, Run! goes free

Let's finish out the week: here's the tech news you need to get Friday going

Nano-heated wireless coffee cup

Tired of your coffee going cold? Enter the "Hano-heated Wireless Mug," which has a battery in the bottom to keep your tea or coffee comfortably warm each day. The mug can hold several refills' worth of charges, and both wired and wireless charging versions are offered.

Either way, a charged cup can keep about seven drinks warmed, each for about 45 minutes, with the active heating automatically shut down after 30 minutes during each use to conserve energy.

With the cheapest early bird backer levels already sold out, you can currently order a standard cup for US$39 (about £25) , while the wirelessly charged version goes for US$65 (~£41). More than 535 people are on board with the already-funded project, which has another 25 days to go before it finishes up.

[Source: Kickstarter]

Zombies, Run! goes free, adds season four

Popular fitness app Zombies, Run! has launched its fourth season of audio missions this week - and made the move to a free-to-play model. Existing paid users will get access to all previous content, with the fourth season accessible all at once with a paid subscription. Otherwise, you'll earn access to one new mission per week.

The iPhone app is free now, while the new free Android app isn't up yet as of this writing, but is expected to go live at any moment. In addition to the fresh content, the latest version brings various UI tweaks, as well as the ability to change zombie chase difficulty and have the next mission auto-play when on a longer jaunt.

[Source: Guardian]

First HomeKit devices due next month

Brushing away rumours that claimed the first connected home devices bearing HomeKit certification were still months away, Apple yesterday asserted that the first HomeKit devices will be released as soon as next month.

It's not yet clear which items will debut first, but HomeKit certification means it'll play nice with other certified devices, as well as interact with Siri, allowing you to speak out commands to control, say, door locks or a thermostat. HomeKit has been slow to actually materialize after being revealed last year, but it sounds like it's right on the horizon now.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

Lego Jurassic World dated

Haven't had your share of movie-based, virtual brick bash-'em-ups? Warner Bros. announced yesterday that Lego Jurassic World will hit stores on 12 June, putting it out day and date with the film. The game actually spans content from all four franchise films - and lets you play as dinosaurs - so it ought to be as robust as the usual Lego game experience.

[Source: YouTube]