Doctor Who, Portal, The Simpsons, and more coming to Lego Dimensions video game

Lego's attempt to enter Disney Infinity's terrain just got a whole lot more interesting

Last week, a leak via retailer Walmart hinted that Lego Dimensions - the toys-to-life video game that uses real plastic bricks and minifigures - would have some pretty major licensed add-on level packs. And now they've been confirmed by another leak, this time from Lego's own website.

Inexplicably, Lego has posted instructions for one of the previously announced Lego Dimensions level packs, for Back to the Future, and it includes images of some of the other level packs that hadn't yet been officially revealed. Unsurprisingly, it includes the ones leaked last week.

Leading the group is arguably Doctor Who, with a pack including the 12th Doctor, a Tardis, and K9, but we can't help but be excited about the Portal 2 pack, which adapts Valve's brilliant physics puzzler into virtual plastic brick form. That set includes Chell, a companion cube, and a turret.

There's also a Simpsons level pack with Homer, his car, and TV, along with larger team packs (with two figures and two accessories) based on Jurassic World and Scooby-Doo, respectively. The full booklet also shows various "fun packs" based on the various franchises that offer just one minifigure and vehicle together. While the PDF images are generally a bit low-resolution, the PDF is still hosted on Lego's own site as of this writing.

Just last week, Disney officially announced Disney Infinity 3.0, which has its own array of media franchises included: Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and various Disney and Pixar brands. But Lego seems to have its fingers in an even more diverse set of pies - including DC Comics, The Wizard of Oz, and The Lord of the Rings, and more, beyond what's mentioned above - which could help this toy-centric video game appeal to a larger user base.

Lego Dimensions will be released on 29 September for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

[Source: Brickset via Polygon]