Fully Charged: Dubai’s 3D-printed museum, EV-charging tyres, and Street Fighter V not out 'til 2016?

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Dubai’s Museum of the Future

Dubai seems to be just about the glossiest city on the planet, and it’s planning to add another shining jewel in the coming years: the Museum of the Future. According to Arch Daily, the oblong, oval-like structure will be partially comprised of 3D-printed materials.

Based on the rendered video walkthrough above, the museum looks like it will contain an array of holographic displays and robotic artifacts, although the proposed placement and grouping of items seems awfully haphazard. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister of the United Arab Emirates, says the museum will offer courses for budding entrepreneurs, as well as “innovation labs and permanent exhibits for future inventions”

Dubai’s Museum of the Future is slated to be completed sometime in 2017 at a cost of approximately US$136 million (£90 million).

[Source: Arch Daily via Gizmodo]

Goodyear’s tyre concept for EVs

Concerned about switching to an electric car because of limited range? Goodyear might have a solution that’ll ease the pain of relying on charging stations. The company showed a concept tyre at the Geneva Auto Show that absorbs heat built up via driving, as well as sunlight when the car is parked, and turns that all into electrical energy.

It’s done via thermo-piezoelectric material within the BH-03 concept tyre, as well as “ultra-black” patches on the tyre itself. However, it remains just a neat concept for now - still, the idea is fascinating, and it’s this kind of thinking that could drastically improve the next generation of EVs.

[Sources: YouTube, CNET]

Street Fighter V out in 2016?

Capcom announced the next core entry in its legendary fighting series back in December, and since polished live gameplay has already been shown, Street Fighter V seemed likely to release sometime in 2015. But that might not be the case after all, thanks to inadvertent word from Capcom.

In a merchandise-related blog post over the weekend, Capcom mentioned, “Everyone is fired up for Street Fighter V coming to the PS4 and PC next Spring.” Asked about the hint of a release window, Capcom told Polygon that it was “a tentative release time and no official announcements have been made.” The blog post has since been amended to remove the timeframe, but the cat may be out of the bag on this one. We might need to update our 30 most anticipated games of 2015 list, then…

[Source: Capcom via Polygon]

Borderlands cameo in Dance Central

Harmonix may not have showed Rock Band 4 at the PAX East gaming convention in Boston this weekend, despite last week’s announcement, but the music game developer had something else fun to share: Claptrap and Nisha from the Borderlands game series are now available as playable characters in Dance Central Spotlight for Xbox One.

You can select each by pressing X or Y five times on the character select screen. It looks to be a return favour for Harmonix contributing a dance routine to a trailer for last year’s Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, but whatever the case, it’s a fun bonus for fans of either franchise.

[Source: Twitter]