Fully Charged: Angry Birds Star Wars II is coming, along with an HTC One Mini, LEGO 3D printer, building-eating robots and a real world gravity gun

A veritable buffet of breakfast gadget news
angry birds star wars ii

Morning my silicon skinned friends. For starters this morning we’ll be offering an Angry Birds Star Wars II trailer, then for mains we have HTC One teased with a side of LEGO 3D printing. And for something really sweet we have an actual gravity gun, potentially.

Angry Birds Star Wars II

gravity gun

In the sequel to the much loved Angry Birds Star Wars cross-over game you can enjoy new levels, 30 new characters, and a bevy of new powers. In a moneymaking stroke of genius Rovio has announced you can use Telepod toys to physically transport characters into the game. The kids are going to love them – parents' wallets maybe not so much. Get your hands on the game from September 19th. [Source: BGR]

Gravity gun?

Scientists, like Half-Life’s own Gordon Freeman, would love a gravity gun – and they’ve got closer to that dream. Super nerds at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich have used sound waves to hover particles and even water droplets. Not far until we’re moving our cars out of tight spots using our very own gravity guns then. [Source: Sciencemag]

HTC One Mini

htc one mini
sony smartwatch 2

In an official photo HTC has all but confirmed the HTC One Mini is one its way. But crucially it’s also clear from this infograhic that, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, it’ll be packing the full power of the HTC One itself – only in a smaller frame. If this is delivered it’ll surely be the must-have mobile of the mini mobile world. Lady handed folk and children rejoice. [HTC via Engadget]

Sony Smartwatch 2 delayed

If you were hoping to wrap Sony’s Smartwatch 2 around your wrist yesterday, think again. Retailer Cove UK has announced it made a mistake and the watch won’t land until September 15th. Good things comes to those who wait and all that. [CloveUK via Pocket-Lint]

LEGO 3D printer


Rather than shell out £700 for a 3D printer one clever dude has built his own called LEGObot using LEGO pieces and NXT smarts. Check out the video and start building your own. [Source: Instructables]

ERO eats buildings

This ingenious design concept proposes robots that use high pressure water jets and vacuum pipes to effectively eat concrete buildings. That means they're fast, efficient, totally automated, cheap and environmentally friendly. And who said robots were nothing but harbingers of the apocalypse? [Source: Gizmag]

Loewe gets personal

loewe individual sf

Loewe is letting you personalise your main screen with its Individual SF range of televisions. Using coloured magnetic inserts, matching speaker options, four frame finishes and over ten colours you can have the style you want. The full HD, 3D, 400Hz LED display is just a bonus.