Fitbit’s new Fret bracelet wouldn’t look out of place in a jewellery shop window

Fitness band? What fitness band?

We’re all for tracking steps and seeing how many calories we’ve burned walking from the pub to the kebab shop, but it would be nice to wear something that didn’t look so… fitness bandy.

The new Tory Burch range for Fitbit addresses this problem by transforming the company’s Flex fitness trackers into rather attractive pieces of jewellery, starting off with the Fret Double-Wrap Bracelet.

It encases the Flex fitness tracker (£80, sold separately) in a metal case, which is itself threaded on a leather strap, with a variety of colour options available.

If you fancy keeping your wrist free for your watch (smart or otherwise), then there’s also a Fret Pendant case, designed to be worn around your neck on gold or silver chains.

The bracelet can be yours from £160, while the pendant will set you back £155. Forking out £175 will net you a gold or silver hinged bracelet, while a more wallet-friendly £35 silicon bracelet is also available.

While this isn’t the first fashion-orientated fitness tracker we’ve seen (the Swarovski Misfit Shine springs to mind), it’s still refreshing to see another company put an emphasis on design as well as function.

Whether or not more male-orientated accessories will emerge remains to be seen, but this is an encouraging step in the right direction.