Fitbit’s new Alta activity tracker wants to make your wrist prettier

Debating on your next fitness tracker? Here’s an Altarnative (sorry)

The Fitbit Blaze smartwatch had somewhat of a Marmite effect when it was unveiled at CES. Its looks divided the tech world, and even caused the company’s stock to drop after its announcement.

Fitbit’s new activity tracker, the Alta, appears to be the result of the company playing it safe, aiming for design above lots of features.

As activity trackers go, it does all the basics, namely keeping tabs on steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, amount of sleep - all the standard stuff.What it doesn’t do though, is track your running and cycling routes with GPS, meaning it’s aimed primarily at the casual user. 

The upside of this is that it promises to last for a full five days in between charges, and manages to keep a sleeker profile than a bulkier GPS-laden fitness tracker. It does, however, also lack a heart rate sensor, further supporting its more casual status.

The Alta is apparently clever enough to automatically detect when you’ve started certain exercises, to save you from having to manually stop and start activities on the accompanying app.

Design-wise, the Alta appears to be neither hideously ugly, or beautifully crafted. Its stainless steel body can be matched with a variety of plastic or leather straps, all of which are available in a multitude of colours.

You can pre-order the Alta for £100 directly from Fitbit, with a release date set for some point in April.