First impressions – Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition

When I was ushered into a slick central London hotel last week and told I'd be looking at Samsung's 'hero phone' for 2009, I immediately thought I'd b

Instead, I was handed the Tocco Ultra Edition, a phone rammed with more features than you can reasonable use in one sitting – Wi–Fi, GPS, HSDPA and 16GB for music and movies. But I couldn't help feeling somewhat disappointed that I wasn't looking at a genuine Android alternative to the clunky T–Mobile G1.

That said, Samsung's latest does offer plenty for the media hungry types it's resolutely aimed at. The WQVGA screen is stunning – I watched a fair few minutes of The Dark Knight (when I should have been furiously scribbling in my notepad), and it looked a peach, even if the picture was just 2.8in.

Sound quality too, is top notch, with even the supplied buds delivering crisp and clear tones. The only letdown is the lack of a 3.5mm jack, left out thanks to the device's slim slider style. Simply put, there's no room anywhere for it.

The touchscreen remains its biggest draw, with the ever popular Touchwiz UI out in full force. Haptic feedback is present and correct, but once again it feels somewhat clunky, probably because I've become conditioned to fondling my iPod Touch.

There's no doubting that the Tocco Ultra Edition will sell by the bucketload, just like its regular predecessor. But I just can't help thinking a full–on Android model would be even better!

Watch our hands–on with the Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition now.