Facebook Timeline goes live

View your life through the eyes of Facebook in chronological order, if you want

Facebook Timeline is now live. Will you be rushing to activate your Timeline profile so you can browse through those past photos and posts you thought were buried deep under the weight of the internet?

Embarrassment can now be yours at the click of a button. Be it a crappy haircut or former flame, it’s all there on Facebook, ready for everyone to be reminded of, organised in chronological order. Pop along to Facebook Timeline, add a banner photo of your choice (and delete all those drunken snaps showing you in a state of undress) before hitting publish for all to see.

What you will get is a timeline of photos, friends, maps, status updates and likes, all in date order. Warning: you may waste a lot of time browsing when you first use this. What it’s good for beyond that is a bit of a mystery.

For a more in depth review, read our Facebook Timeline first impressions.

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