Is Facebook moving into digital publishing?

Push Pop Press lends its publishing expertise to the biggest book in the world – Facebook

Could Facebook be about to branch out into digital publishing? Well, news that it recently purchased iPad book publisher Push Pop Press suggests the thought has crossed its mind. Both Facebook and Push Pop Press claim the social network giant isn't launching its own digital publishing venture, insisting it's merely the tech behind the publisher's business that interests Zuckerberg's company. This has incited speculation that Facebook might use the Push Pop Press tech in its iPad app instead. 

Push Pop Press is responsible for Our Choice, an interactive digital book by Al Gore, and it could be the design and engineering smarts that went into that Facebook is interested in. But with Google Plus knocking about, Zuckerberg and crew need to find other ways to ensure Facebook remains the king of the social networking castle. Skype has already bolstered its ranks. Now Push Pop Press has signed up, what else will join the Facebook army?


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