Ex Netscaper plans globe busting browser

Marc Andresseen, one of the founding developers of Netscape, could be about to a launch a social networking browser, according to the New York Times.

In an interview with the paper, Andreessen let slip that a start-up he's funding, called RockMelt, is developing a web browser, possibly with a focus on social networking.

According to the Times, Andreessen said, "There are all kinds of things that you would do differently if you are building a browser from scratch."

Despite Andreessen's impressive heritage, it's difficult to see the need for another browser today. If a company the size of Google can only manage a 3 percent market share for its zippy Chrome browser, it's hard to see how RockMelt could make any in-roads whatsoever.

On top of that, a perfectly good social networking browser already exists in Flock (market share, approximately zero), while Firefox has dozens of effective plug-ins for virtually every social network alive.

Alternatively, this could all just be misdirection for RockMelt's real goal of literally splitting the planet up into a jigsaw of rocky islands floating on a sea of magma.