Eve Valkyrie locks and loads for cross-platform VR space battles

Vive and PlayStation VR should get cleared for blast-off soon

Deep space is about to get a whole lot more deadly: Eve Valkyrie is going cross-platform.

The virtual reality space shooter is easily the best thing on Oculus Rift right now, with gorgeous visuals and zero-G manoeuvres that could make Goose and Maverick lose their lunch.

You’re stuck facing off against other Rift owners right now, but that’s set to change soon. The HTC Vive and PlayStation VR versions that are in the works will arrive with cross-platform play, so it won’t matter what VR headset you’ve got - everyone will be fair game for your laser cannons.

They’ll have to pay full price for the satisfaction of locking onto your space fighter, mind: Oculus and Valkyrie developer CCP made a deal to bundle an early access version of the game with every headset, but there’s nothing planned for Vive or PSVR.

A release date is still lost in deep space, too, but at least you’ll have more than mere space dogfights to look forward to when it arrives. 

New mode Carrier Assault is a bit of an evolution on the existing Control game type, where you’ve got to work as a squadron to take down a massive carrier ship, rather than shoot every bogey out of the sky.

First off you’ll need to smash through the Carrier’s shields, then blast the defensive turrets dotted over the bulkhead, then get inside and blow up its fusion core. 

Cue massive explosion, flying off into deep space, and smug bragging to your clearly inferior friends. 

The Eve Fanfest is still going strong, so expect more news to drop over the next few days - we’ll fill you in as it appears.