Electrolux Laptop Kitchen the future of cooking?

Hold on to your spatulas – the kitchen of the future has arrived

The tech industry has managed to introduce portability into virtually every facet of our lives. With ideas running low, it's time to turn our attention to cooking equipment that goes beyond the capabilities of your basic gas stove.

Enter the Electrolux Laptop Kitchen. Even at first glance, it's clear this cooking contraption is more concept than veritable product. By fusing together your laptop with your kitchen stove, it's formed a device that lets you whip up a Power Point document on its touchscreen display, while simultaneously knocking up an egg sarnie. Either that, or you can use its built-in 3G and Wi-Fi to peruse recipes for that convoluted Moroccan dish you saw on MasterChef.

The design does away with a keyboard in favour of an induction powered hotplate, which doubles up as a removable chopping board. Its designer, Dragan Trenchevski hopes his portable cook top will be the staple tool for travellers whose culinary tastes extend beyond that of bog-standard baked beans and other unsatisfactory camping favourites.

You can even make the experience social with an on-board webcam. Why you'd want to is another matter. Practicality seems to be an afterthought, though, with no measures in place for oil splashes and overheating – but practicality is irrelevant at the prototype stage, right?


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