EE launches 4GEE Action Cam with its own SIM card (and data plan)

"GoPro? So-so," asserts carrier with impending release of branded streaming camera

With its latest hardware release, we're convinced that EE stands for "extreme evidence" - because that's what you'll be shooting when you use the carrier's new 4GEE Action Cam, which has its own SIM card bundled right in.

That means you'll be able to stream out live footage wirelessly to pals over EE's 4G network via the Skeegle service, as well as save footage locally to SD cards (up to 64GB in size). GoPro may be the market standard here, but EE's branded option shows that it thinks there's room for a little competition in the space.

Granted, the 4GEE doesn't have quite the same video-shooting chops as, say, the GoPro Hero+ LCD, and certainly not the Hero4 Black or Silver Editions. The 4GEE tops out at 1080p at 30 frames per second, although you can dip the resolution to 720p for 60fps footage, or drop down further to 480p for 120fps clips.

It does shoot 13MP still shots, however, and has a waterproof case that'll survive up to 60 metres below the waves, with three hours of streaming battery life.

It'll take SD cards up to 64GB in size too, so you can share a fair bit if you don't want to eat up your 4G data plan with constant streaming.

An iOS and Android app will also let you control the camera and adjust its settings remotely, while a bundled watch acts as a live viewfinder, letting you glance at your wrist while pulling off a sick 1080, before gracefully landing and continuing down the slope. Or, in our case, wiping out in a powdery explosion.

That plan costs money, of course, with 30-day and 24-hour passes available for pay-as-you-go customers and 30-day passes (from £1 for 100MB to 15 for 10GB) offered for monthly subscribers. Additionally, you can snag the camera and a data plan together by paying for them together; you can add £15 to your bill for 24 months and get the camera and 2GB data for it.

If you're eager to stream your action-packed encounters, the 4GEE will go on sale in just a week, on 16 June, and EE has marked the occasion by sending YouTube adventurer James Kingston to the top of the Wembley arch to grab some footage.

You won't be able to go up there, of course, but may it inspire you to find your own stunning sights - somewhere.