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Dyson’s Cinetic Big Ball is the vacuum cleaner equivalent of a Weeble

The new Dyson vacuums wobble, but they don't fall down

Clumsy cleaners don’t have to worry about taking chunks out of the furniture with a vacuum that’s constantly toppling over – Dyson’s got one that literally can’t fall down.

The updated Cinetic Big Ball cleaner has all its internal parts cleverly stacked in a circular pattern, so that the heaviest bits are at the bottom. That gives it a low centre of gravity, and means it can’t topple over even if you knock it. 

Effectively, it’s a full-on “SRIMEC” self-righting mechanism – the kind you’d normally find in a Robot Wars death machine.

It’s got the same Cinetic design as older Dyson models, meaning the cylinder is filled with tiny cyclone funnels that stop you losing suction. You still don’t need a filter, either, so short of having someone else do your cleaning, this is as simple as it gets.

The self-righting tech isn’t the only new addition. Dyson’s also added an articulated handle that turns in three directions, which should make it a bit easier to use.

High shelves and ceiling corners should be within reach now, so anyone under six feet can put that stool or step ladder away.

You should be able to keep your hands clean when it comes to emptying the bin, too.

It’s now got a silicone collar that slides down to remove any trapped dirt or dust, so you don’t have to shake it out or reach inside to remove the clogs.

Dyson’s self-righting Big Balls (no sniggering back there) are available now from the Dyson website. Expect to shell out £349 for the Big Ball Animal.