Drop everything and try Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

For the glory of the Galactic Empire, add retail shops and sniff out those pesky Rebel spies in an all-new Tiny Death Star
Drop everything and try: Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

Judge not by its size, for the Tiny Death Star is a technological terror that has the ability to destroy a planet. 

Unfortunately, Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader are in dire need of Imperial credits to finance the battle station’s construction. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to attract Bitizens, give them jobs in retail stores and earn billions of Imperial credits to complete the Tiny Death Star.

Star Wars goes 8-bit

Star Wars go 8-bit
Star Wars go 8-bit

In a galaxy far, far away, Disney has engaged Nimblebit to work on a Star Wars version of its highly addictive tower-building game Tiny Tower. The result is a massive makeover set in the Star Wars universe, with familiar characters in their most adorable 8-bit designs.

The gameplay is largely similar to the original Tiny Tower. Start off by building residential apartments for your Bitizens to stay in. Add retail stores within the Tiny Death Star and assign jobs for Bitizens to slog in the name of the Empire. Check in on your tower every so often to stock products, put them up for sale, and expand your tower with more credits. Send your Bitizens to their desired level via the elevator and upgrade its movement speed with Galactic Bux.

New elements introduced in the Star Wars makeover include missions issued by the nefarious Emperor Palpatine. Complete the missions, and you’ll be rewarded with more credits that'll bring you closer to the completion of the Tiny Death Star.

New Imperial levels which require special Bitizens, add a new gameplay mechanic. For example, you can send Supply Officers to the Interrogation room to gather Rebel Secrets and exchange them for credits.

Star Wars and Tiny Tower fans will be tickled by the unbelievably cute cutscenes that pay tribute to the movies. Follow the prompts to find Rebel spies like Princess Leia, and you’ll be issued a Galactic Bux, plus a cutscene depicting a firefight between her and Imperial stormtroopers. Unlock more 8-bit fun moments as you progress and review the cutscenes in the menu.

Tiny Death Star has been simultaneously launched on iOS, Android, and handily, Windows Phone, Windows RT and Windows 8Like its predecessor, the game is free to download. You can accelerate the tower’s growth by performing in-app purchases for Galactic Bux and spending them to eliminate the building and selling time.

So go forth, join the Galactic Empire and wipe out those Rebel scum from the galaxy with extreme prejudice now. Like, right now.