Drop everything and try: Mixcloud

The revamped app offers unfettered access to the world’s largest collection of DJ sets and radio shows
Mixcloud on Android

Mixcloud isn’t a brand new app – but the Android version might as well be. This week, its makers have ripped it up, rebuilt it and relaunched it, making the whole thing a darn sight slicker to use and squeezing in some new features to boot.

Your own personal radio station

Mixcloud on Android

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. “What the devil is Mixcloud?” we hear you cry. Well, it’s a music streaming platform, but unlike Spotify or Rdio it isn’t a jukebox focussed on providing user-determined tracks, albums or playlists.

Instead it’s all about delivering on-demand radio shows and DJ sets, which it presents to you based on the categories you pick. These include things like Dubstep, Comedy, Classical and News. Essentially, you have the ability to curate your own radio station.

Getting social

Mixcloud on Android

But there’s more, thanks to the redesign. A new ‘Discover’ tab (already available on the iOS version of the app) suggests new material based on your activity, and also tells you what your friends are up to. Yes, there’s a social element to Mixcloud too: you can follow other users – including a bunch of elite DJs and radio presenters – and connect via Facebook, as well as share any particular show you like via a variety of methods.

You can download the Mixcloud app for Android here and iOS here, as well as use a browser-based version on your computer here.