Drop everything and download: Bomb Chicken

It’s clucking great

Many are the famous videogame birds: kamikaze specimens in Angry Birds; that honking, nameless goose; whatever Tiki was supposed to be in New Zealand Story. But now we’ve a true feathered hero for our modern age: a chunky chicken that poops bombs.

And rather than merely add a kick to your breakfast, these eggy explosives are designed to help the chicken get to the bottom of the ultimate question: just what is the secret ingredient of a BFC burger’s strangely addictive sauce?

What’s it all about?

Mostly, lobbing bombs around, and trying to avoid becoming filleted by the suspiciously large number of saw blades and traps littering the BFC facility. So you dodder left and right, whack switches, and do away with enemies by the tried and tested formula of unsportingly landing on their heads.

But this chicken can’t leap, and so you lay stacks of bombs to reach higher platforms or clear obstacles — and must scarper before they blow up and turn you into pie filling.

Is it any good?

Yep. The retro-style visuals are superb, from the ridiculous chicken to the dank factory floors. The soundtrack is amusingly over the top, ramping up the intensity when you’re being chased by a massive screen-high saw blade determined to chop you in half.

Level design is smart, offering a solid challenge, and the controls are mercifully tight, working very nicely on slippy touchscreens. This is premium poulet, too – there’s no faffing about with IAP and ads for this fine fowl.

Where can I get it?

Bomb Chicken is available for £4.99 on Android (Google Play) and iPhone/iPad (App Store). The game was previously released for £11.99 on Nintendo Switch and Windows/Mac (Steam).