DJI teases a "Return to your Senses" on March 1

Looks like a new Phantom could be on the way

When you think of drones, you think DJI. The Phantom 3 is still our favourite, but that might about to change; DJI is teasing its replacement.

A trailer posted to YouTube last night that shows brief, distorted glimpses of an unnamed quadcoptor, intercut with super crisp close-ups of a cracked and dry riverbed in the middle of a desert. We think we've spotted some new cooling grilles and the motors look larger too.

The white colours seen in each half-second close-up of the unannounced drone certainly suggest it's new Phantom, rather than a replacement for the pro-level Inspire, but DJI's been careful not to give the game away ahead of the March 1 launch. 

The Phantom 3 only arrived in April last year, bringing 4K video recording and a visual positioning system to make it easier to pilot at lower altitudes. There's no clue what the Phantom 4 might bring to the table, or even if it'll be called the Phantom 4.

A few leaked photos have sprung up on the net over the past few weeks, hinting at a sleeker design, extra sensors on the undercarriage, a redesigned gimbal to stabilise the camera, and repositioned LED flight lights. 

We're also hoping for increased flight time, and a reasonable price. Rumours are currently hovering around US$1700, which makes it a step above the Phantom 3 Professional - that's currently on sale for US$999.

With rules on weight limits in effect in Australia, and the FAA still working on regulation for drones below 25kg, the big question will be whether DJI has managed to slim down the new Phantom enough to get it below 2kg. 

It's unlikely the Phantom would ever fall into the recently proposed "micro-drone" category, though; get in the way when it's flying at full tilt and it'll definitely do you some damage.

Nothing's confirmed yet, but we'll be at the launch event in New York on the 1st of March to bring you the news as soon as DJI makes it official.