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DJI teases new handheld gimbal launching on 10 January

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Cameras on DJI RS 3 series gimbals

When not zipping around in the sky, DJI focuses on some rather clever gimbals. While they don’t fly, the camera accessories do boast some rather stellar features – particularly when it comes to handheld gimbals. And DJI is teasing the launch of a brand-new handheld you can get your mits on – launching on 10 January.

From the teaser image DJI shared online, it looks like the new device will be a new, smaller addition to the RS series. The brand launched the RS 3 and RS 3 Pro gimbals back in June 2022, so we’d expect this new product to slot in with the name RS 3 Mini. DJI will unveil the new handheld gimbal with some form of announcement at 1pm GMT/8am EST on 10 January. It’s currently unclear if there will be a live-streamed event for the new product.

While there’s not much we do know about the upcoming gimbal, there are some details to gleam. As DJI’s new device is a Mini version, it’ll almost certainly weight less. The standard RS 3 clocks in at 1.3kg, so we’d expect the new addition to come in under a kilo. We also wouldn’t be surprised if it could fold up even smaller, for increased portability. Expect standard stabilisation features, rather than the LiDAR wizardry found on the RS 3 Pro.

As for the price of DJI’s new handheld gimbal, we’re most likely looking at under £400. The RS 3 Pro starts from £749, while the standard RS 3 starts from £469. A price of £339 for the new Mini model would be a good estimate to keep in mind. Fortunately, there’s not long to wait for details, with DJI making things official on 10 January.