Details of Jonathan Ive's minimalist Apple iOS 7 makeover leak

Your next iPhone will be "black, white, and flat all over" if Jony Ive has a say – and he does

Apple’s next iPhone with iOS 7 will be “black, white, and flat all over” after Jony Ive’s redesign, say 9to5mac sources.


The first thing to go will be textured designs. Ive reckons that software designs filled with physical metaphors don’t stand the test of time. He wants iOS apps like Maps, Notes and Mail to have an obvious Apple theme. So what does that mean for the rest of iOS 7?

Lock screen

From the lock screen that shiny transparent time bar will be replaced by a black interface. The square pin code grid will be rounded off, with black buttons plus white text and borders.


You will be able to manipulate notifications on the lock screen using gestures – the notification pull-down will be black with white text. New panels will mean more notification controls like local news feeds, along with Wi-Fi, Airplane Mode and Bluetooth toggles – finally. The above image, from a YouTube conecpt video, seems to be right on the money.

Home screen

Say goodbye to the shine, shadows, texture and gloss on your app icons. Panorama wallpapers that pan as you swipe will also make an appearance. Tab bars will be gradient free and will sport a blurring effect. And finally the keyboard will be a lighter shade of grey minus the shadows.


The new Weather app should include animated images to show the weather – just like Android widgets. It could look similar to the above concept image, posted on Dribble. Game Center will lose the green felt and Newsstand shall have no more wood. The FaceTime app may appear as a stand-alone icon, much like the iPad version.

New features

Flickr and Vimeo are expected to come built into iOS 7, along with improved in-car support for Maps and Siri. Expect to see it unveiled at Apple’s WWDC on June 10th.