Destiny's free trial lets you sample the shooter and transfer your character into the full game

Bungie’s smash hit now offers an easy way to get hooked - if you’re not already

If you’ve somehow resisted the urge to get lost inside Bungie and Activision’s immensely popular online multiplayer shooter, Destiny, now you can get a taste without spending anything at all.

That’s due to the new free trial unleashed this week on all four platforms, and it sounds like it offers a little bit of everything, including story missions, character customization, and social play. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions require 6GB of hard drive space, while the Xbox One and PS4 trials weigh in at a whopping 20GB apiece. No matter the platform, you'll need an internal hard drive to download and run the trial.

And you needn’t worry about logging a bunch of time in the demo and then starting fresh with the full retail release: characters can be transferred from the trial to the full game, so long as it’s within the same console family - so no Xbox to PlayStation transfers, or vice versa.

Destiny launched back in September, and we compared it to an alluring hybrid of Bungie’s own Halo series and the Diablo games, calling it “an exceptional, landmark game.” And the first expansion is right around the corner, with much more to come down the line (including a sequel).

We have the game at #5 on our list of the top 10 console games in the world right now, which has undergone some significant shifts in recent weeks due to the holiday season’s biggest and brightest. In fact, we have a new #1 for the first time in more than a year, so why not give it a look?

[Source: Bungie via Engadget]

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