Denon unveils TV Soundbase all-in-one speaker system

Denon has come up with a solution to your flatscreen audio woes – a monolithic all-in-one speaker for your TV to perch on

Denon appreciates that as TVs have become thinner over the years, so has their sound. In a bid to save your ears from tinny audio, Denon has announced what it's calling a "TV solution" – an all-in-one speaker dubbed the TV Soundbase, or DHT-T100 for those with a penchant for alpha-numeric model numbers.

Denon slimline

Denon's slimline box ditches the conventional soundbar set-up in favour of a compact base system that can support all but the heaviest plasma screens up to around 50in – or TVs up to 27kg. Of course, if you don't like the look of your telly perched atop the TV Soundbase, you could always pop it on a shelf below.

Two 5in drivers sit inside the TV Soundbase's front panel, with separate woofers and tweeters for each channel; it also packs both analogue and digital (optical and electrical) inputs and supports apt-X Bluetooth. You can control it with your TV remote or use the seamlessly integrated front-mounted buttons. And according to Denon, its TV Soundbase is so simple to set up that even your technophobic Gran will be able to give her flat screen an audio injection.

Interestingly, Denon hinted the TV Soundbase might not be the only all-in-one home cinema device in the pipeline. Although it doesn't pack an HDMI connection, Roger Batchelor, Denon's UK product marketing manager told us that, “HDMI is something Denon is looking into with other models and is something we could see further down the line.”

Other details are scant for now, but it’s due in October and expected to retail for £350.