Dell Inspiron 13z and 15z join the thin and light Z range

Dell has extended its thin and light Z range with two new additions – the Inspiron 13z and 15z.The two new members to the family offer up e

The two new members to the family offer up even thinner and lighter bodies, as well as longer-lasting batteries that promise to be "power-sipping" rather than power-draining.

As their names suggest the 13z and 15z laptops have 13.3-inch and 15.6-inch widescreen HD displays respectively, and both feature Intel's ultra-low voltage processor for improved battery life, hard drives of up to 320GB  and up to 6GB RAM.

You'll be able to get 10 hours or more battery life from both by opting for the highest battery option in both, the 8-cell for the 13z (11 hours), or 9-cell for the 15z (10 hours).

The Inspiron 13z and 15z are available now starting from £479 and £499 respectively, in a choice of red or black.

Both will come running the Windows 7 – be sure to check out our 10 ways to supercharge the new OS and let us know below what you think.