De Bethune combines pocket watch and iPhone case

Use your phone to check the time? Maybe you should give it a proper clock, then...

Excuse me, have you got the time? If you're now pulling an iPhone out of your tweed trousers to check while daydreaming about fly-fishing, this case may be your next impulse buy.

De Bethune has reimagined the pocket watch, by stitching it into the back of a chestnut-brown alligator leather iPhone case with gold detailing.

For the watch connoisseurs out there, it has a guilloche dial, Breguet-style blued hands and a handwound movement with 6-day power reserve set into a 48mm antimagnetic watch case.

No word on price, but who worries about that kind of thing? Oops, we're late for drinkies at Boodle's.