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Crytek boss: PlayStation 4 et al will never beat PCs on the power front

Cevat Yerli says don’t expect the PS4 or Xbox 720 to serve up tastier graphics or faster frame rates than a top PC

The PlayStation 4, Xbox 720 and any other next-gen console will never match the graphical power of a PC. That’s the opinion of Crytek boss Cevat Yerli, whose game Crysis 3 is arriving on current gen consoles – and the PC, natch – this week.

Yerli has seen the next generation of consoles up close (Crytek is strongly rumoured to be working on Ryse, a game for the next generation Xbox), and says that Crysis 3 running on a good PC looks better than anything due to be announced for either the PS4 or Xbox 720.

It’s all about the price, he says: “It’s impossible to package $2,000 to $3,000 into a mainstream, let’s say $500 console. They may launch a console at $2,000, but the consumer pricing is usually much lower than that. So, given consumer pricing, and given the cost of production of a gamer PC and the amount of watt of power it needs, which is like a fridge, it’s impossible.”

So if you go out and buy the next Xbox or PlayStation on launch day, know that somewhere nearby there’ll be someone playing games with far better visuals on a Windows Vista machine. But also that they’ll have spent a small fortune to be able to do so.

The PlayStation 4 will be announced by Sony this Wednesday, the 20th of February. Stuff will be there to deliver its initial impressions, so stay tuned for more.

[via Eurogamer]

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