This crazy smartwatch is more powerful than the 'phone' it comes with

The Neptune Duo has the innards of a smartphone and comes with a separate display for big-screen action

"Dude. Dude. What if - stay with me here - what if we like, took all the power of a smartphone - the processor, the RAM, the OS - and crammed it into a watch"?


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Neptune Duo:

Two of a kind

The Duo itself consists of two parts - the Hub and the Pocket. The former is essentially a rather bulky smartwatch with a 2.4in touchscreen, and it holds within it everything you'd expect to find strewn about after an explosion at a smartphone factory - namely, a quad-core processor, 64GB of storage, a 1000mAh battery and 3G and 4G network modules.

That means that the Hub is essentially a smartphone replacement, letting you send messages, browse the web and take calls. The Pocket companion on the other hand, is, for lack of a better way to describe it, a dumb 720p screen with a built-in camera and battery.

The idea behind the Duo system is that you whip out the Pocket for when you want to read, browse the web or take photos, streaming them directly from the Hub, and it can also be used to top up the Hub's juice throughout the day.

It's a very novel concept, sounds completely bonkers, and, well, we have no idea why it needs to exist.

That's not a bad thing of course - it's refreshing to see something different - but we're not sure what the benefits are, if any, when a regular smartwatch and phone combo seem to get the job done just fine, with less points of failure like potential streaming lag.

Still, if you'd like to jump on the crazy train, then you can reserve your own Duo right now, pledging US$200 and paying US$400 later on, saving a little on the final US$800 price tag. 

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