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CES 2015: Netflix quality to get even better on LG tellies

High dynamic range content promises far better colour and detail

Still excited about 4K telly? That’s so 2014. This year’s all about high dynamic range content…

That’s according to Netflix, at least, which has announced it’s bringing HDR (High Dynamic Range) to your screens in 2015 via a partnership with LG.

The tech promises to improve the ‘depth’ of each pixel by increaaing the contrast (the gap between the brightness of the brightest colours and the deepest blacks), thereby enhancing the colour accuracy and detail of your picture. You should be able to pick out details in darker portions of HDR images that are simply lost in current streams.

The company has also announced its ‘Recommended TV’ program, which recognises sets that offer a great Netflix experience. Sony, LG and Sharp are among the first to be included.

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