CES 2015: LG is making 2015 the year of 4K streaming

The South Korean company shows its hand, unveiling new TVs and more content partnership
CES 2015: LG is making 2015 the year of 4K streaming

TVs, wireless music systems, smarter home appliances and of course, that improved smartphone that bends it like Beckham. LG certainly delivered a lot of excitement even before the floors opened up at CES 2015.

On the display side of things, seven new OLED TVs are slated for the year, all of which will be armed with 4K UHD resolution. The new displays range from 55in to 77in, all equipped with the company’s proprietary WRGB technology.

Remember the quantum dots we spoke of previously? LG has given a name for that - ColorPrime. To skip the heavy tech talk, if you thought OLED colours were rich, be very surprised when you see the 2015 lineup.

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CES 2015: LG is making 2015 the year of 4K streaming

The question, however, is whether there’s going to be 4K content for these new OLED TVs. Rather than recommending you to download 4K movies to watch, LG is skipping that route and gunning for 4K streaming services.

One such partnership will be with Netflix, which will stream HDR 4K content to LG TVs. The media streaming service also announced the Netflix Recommended TV program, which identifies TVs that are built for the best Internet TV experience. Obviously, since it was announced at the LG press conference, its TVs will be the first to receive the stamp of approval 

GoPro’s partnership with LG will also give action video junkies more reasons to stare at these new displays. A new, exclusive GoPro Channel app for LG’s webOS smart TVs will stream videos shot by the Hero4 Black, with 4K content coming soon in future updates to the channel.

CES 2015: LG is making 2015 the year of 4K streaming

webOS 2.0 also gets a hefty update, with new features such as Quick Start to reduce the boot-up time and new channels such as the abovementioned GoPro Channel that’ll give easy access to more content.

To say 2015 is the year of 4K TVs isn’t an understatement, since LG estimates 60% of its TV lineup will support the ultra high resolution. In short, there’s never a better time than now to get that 4K TV.

And, in a few years, maybe you'll be installing that 8K TV that we’ll get a sneak peek at when the CES 2015 floors are officially opened.

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