CES 2009 – Sennheiser launches £1000 HD800 high-end headphones

Credit crunch? What credit crunch? Sennheiser has laughed loudly in the face of the world recession,  announcing their new HD 800 headphones, you

While you could have probably bought the entire contents of your local Woolworths for that a week or so ago, Sennheiser has plenty of reasons as to why the HD 800s are worth any number of penny sweets and celebrity autobiographies.

The HD 800 cans are hand-made in Germany and use a specifically developed 56mm 'RING driver' – the largest currently found in any dynamic headphone, Sennheiser assures us.

Sporting an open-backed design, the 'phones use stainless steel, aerospace grade plastics and Japanese Alcantra earpads.There are silver-plated, low-oxygen, detachable copper cables, too.

They do look the part and great if you've got a spare grand in your back pocket. And who doesn't have that right now?