CES 2009: Parrot builds world’s tallest iPod dock

Wireless audio specialist Parrot has given its range more than a minor makeover with input from designers like Phillipe Stark and Martin Szekely.The h

The highlight is the world's biggest iPod dock. This Stark-designed pair of jet black cones may not do much for overturning the phallic design stereotype of audio equipment, but they contain 100W wireless stereo speakers which can also stream music via WiFi from any networked PC.

Interestingly, Parrot is also adding a touch of class to the perennially naff digital photo frame. The Szekely designs are featureless square blocks with a bright embedded screen, which revert to a mirrored sheen when switched off. Possibly the first of its kind that would be welcome one the walls of a Stuff-approved household.