CES 2009 - Panasonic unleashes killer new camcorders

It’s not just Canon that has been unleashing a whole load of new camcorders at CES. Panasonic has just given the lowdown on seven awesome new HD

The top notch HS300, HS200, TM300 and SD200 models cram in three Full HD sensors (the new 3MOS system), offering up a massive 9.15 million pixels for you to play with. The high end HS300 and TM 300 have 32GB of on board storage, which can be expanded using to 64GB using the SD slot.

The HS20, TM20 and SD20 are Panasonic's basic HD offerings, although you can still record in glorious Full HD. If anything, this is where it's at if you're looking to beef your tawdry home movies up from the Flip Mino versions you're currently churning out.