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Cast your vote, choose what Google calls Android N

We've made our choice - what will yours be?

Nutella? Nougat? Nectarine pie? Whatever Android N ends up being called, it won’t be Google that decides – it’ll be down to you.

Yep, Google I/O came and went without an official name for the latest and greatest version of Android, with the world’s biggest search engine saying it was “too tough” to come up with a name by itself.

It doesn’t look like Google wants you to limit your ideas just to desserts, either. With no restrictions, other than the fact you’ve got to start with the letter N, we’re waiting for the inevitable 4Chan takeover campaign to rock the vote. #NameyMcNameFace, anyone?

If you want to add your idea, head over to the Android website and make a suggestion. You’ve still got until the Autumn, when Android N should launch officially.

I/O didn’t wrap up without dropping a few tasty Android N morsels, though. Early dev previews have given us a good idea what to expect, but the biggest news is that you won’t have to worry about upates taking your phone out of action any more.

Android N borrows code from Chrome OS for "seamless" updates, that download and install in the background when you’re not using it. Not more "Android is Upgrading" screen while it optimises all your apps, either.

There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes tech tweaks going on too, mostly to help make Android a better platform for VR. Notifications are getting simplified, which should make in-line replies that little bit easier, and Google is finally adding a "Clear All" button for your open apps, so you don’t have to swipe them away one by one.

There’s still time for new features (like the long rumoured support for 3D Touch-style pressure sensitive display tech) before Android N arrives later in the year.

Hopefully by then Google will have picked a name.