The 10 Best Android smartphone and tablet apps

We select the best downloads for your Android-powered device


Non-destructive editing, customisable filters, tons of pro-level tools, and a playful interface. Are you sure this is free? (Yes.)

Bring You Home

Turn back time and use sliding panels to change the future and rescue your petnapped chum. Cher it with all your friends!


An angry beardy Viking hacks up the notion mobile platformers are rubbish, in this polished and console-like cartoon romp

Bloom: 10 Worlds

Go ‘full Eno’ with ten experimental sound stages that explode living art with ambient soundtracks from beneath your fingertips

Data Wing

Free to download and free from IAP and ads, but packed with character, exciting races and a heart-twanging storyline. Get it now


A, B, C, D, E, F, G. This alphabet app is quite freaky. (Seriously: the B grows a beard and a beak then spews bugs.)

David Bowie is… 

… inside your phone. Or an AR take on the critically acclaimed exhibition is, beamed on to a desk like you’re a giant at a private view

Super Cat Tales 2

A pawsome platformer fully optimised for mobile. Two-thumb controls, loads of colourful levels, and adorable moggie heroes. Snap it up meow!


Make collages the old-fashioned way, hacking perfectly good snaps to bits and gluing them back together in creative/terrifying new ways

The Room: Old Sins

The devious puzzle series hits new heights as you attempt to untangle the mysteries within a terrifying and impossible abandoned doll’s house