Case Remote brings smartphone convenience to your DSLR

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Case remote brings smartphone convenience to your DSLR

Case Remote is a new smart wireless controller for DSLR cameras: attach it to yours and it connects remotely to your Android or iOS smartphone. From then on, you'll be able to take photos and change settings on your camera via an app on your phone.

It's aimed at the user whose primary experience of photography is through smartphones but is looking to expand his or her repetoire via better quality cameras. People are generally more willing to fiddle with buttons on an app rather than the various knobs on a DSLR, and Case Remote's designed to give you that functionality within an interface that's inherently more comfortable.

Insta-share photos now

People are also more used to having near-instant gratification with your pictures. Snap! There it goes on your Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. DSLR cameras generally required to be plugged into a computer manually, but with Case Remote you can transmit photos taken on your DSLR straight to the companion smartphone for speedy sharing.

It appeals to smartphone camera sensibilities in another way too: the app offers a live view of what the DSLR is showing, with an interface more familiar to modern smartphone users. Many DSLR photographers wouldn't be caught dead using their camera's screen to frame shots, preferring the old-school purity of an optical viewfinder, but Case Remote's setup means you could mount a DSLR on a tripod and remotely view and take photos from nearby.

The IndieGogo campaign has received so much support that Case Remote's makers have started a follow-up campaign. This second campaign is for an upgraded version of Case Remote, despite backers of the earlier campaign for the older version not yet receiving their products. On the bright side, the makers are shipping the new Case Remote to the older backers at no additional cost.

Otherwise, the campaign looks rather low-risk and they’ve claimed that mass production is almost complete. Currently, the Case Remote is going for US$79 (£47) plus an additional US$20 (£12) for shipping outside China.

[Source: Techcrunch]

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