Cartier reveals internal vacuum watch

Does your fancy new watch have an airless interior? We didn't think so

Now that's a looker

Isn't is just? From its exposed gears to its shiny blue crown, the Cartier ID two concept watch is a stylish time keeper which masterfully blends together dashing looks and fancy science into one sleek package.


Yep. After five years of research Cartier has managed to create an internal vaccum within the watch itself, removing 99.8 per cent of the air inside. The upshot is a lot less friction, and an energy saving of 75 per cent and a 32 day power reserve. Fancy eh?

Do I even want to know the price?

There isn't one – for now, anyway. Given its world-first internal glass microfiber springs and insanely high accuracy though, we'd imagine it'll cost a pretty penny or two. TIme to get saving

[via Designboom]

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