Canon EOS C300 4K DSLR in the works

Hollywood is set to get a new camera for those super high def 4K shots, compliments of Canon

The Canon EOS C300 is like Marty McFly: small yet able to cram in all the fight and coolness of a double-sized equivalent. It looks amazing too, although not something you’d want to hang around your neck on a family holiday – unless the US$20,000 pricetag and subsequent neck-strain don’t bother you.

The EOS C300 is a tempting proposition, with 4K shooting along with a 34mm equivalent full-frame CMOS sensor for 24p video and 8.3MP snaps that can be taken while filming.

Canon is competing against the likes of Red Scarlet – offering a condensed body with interchangeable lens functionality. On the back of films like Monsters, shot entirely on a Sony EX-3 with lens adapter, the movie industry is starting to appreciate the money-saving opportunities presented by smaller digital cameras.

That also means bringing professional level kit to the – more affluent – masses, which is great for getting new talent out there. Watch your back, Michael Bay.

The Canon EOS C300 will arrive in January – and with that US$20,000 pricetag, budding film makers best get saving now.

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