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Anker’s PowerConf C300 webcam will work your best angles

I can see clearly now, the grain has gone

Recently we’ve been forced to focus on an area of tech we never thought would matter as much as it does – the quality of webcams. After a year of dragging them through painfully long virtual meetings, we’ve come to the conclusion the vast majority aren’t fit for purpose. Enter Anker’s PowerConf C300 webcam (£119) representing a luadible attempt to do something about crappy video calls. The 1080p webcam includes a built-in AI chip that provides something called ‘smart framing’, helping to keep things in focus during your wild gesticulations and on an even keel when you’re making far more sensible movements, like sipping tea. Elsewhere, the PowerConf C300 aims to offer accurate colour reproduction, a strong performance in low-light conditions when you’re burning the midnight oil, and the choice to have three field-of-view angles. If you’re planning on getting extra shouty to go with your flailing arms, Anker says a portable conference speaker called the PowerConf S500 is on its way too.