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Call of Duty: Black Ops III introduces four-player co-op campaign, among other tweaks

Proper reveal of this fall’s mega-shooter teases new ideas for the franchise within familiar framework

Following a couple of weeks of teases, Activision finally showed off Call of Duty: Black Ops III yesterday, as promised – and this year’s entry in the annual first-person shooter juggernaut looks to introduce some significant changes.

Key among them is certainly the ability the play the campaign cooperatively with up to four total players. For a series that has held on tight to its single-player narrative design for that portion of the experience, that’s a huge tweak. And not only that, but you can also pick a male or female and fully customize your soldier along the way.

Meanwhile, the online multiplayer mode promises a “momentum-based chained-movement system,” which, if you watch the trailer below, sure looks a lot like the wall-running and such we saw in Titanfall. All those human-like robots in the clip certainly don’t help dodge the comparison, either. You’ll be able to try it out early thanks to a promised pre-release multiplayer beta – if you pre-order, of course.


And Zombies is back, of course, being one of Treyarch’s calling cards (even if Advanced Warfare last year also eventually added them in). It’s said to be an “all-new horror story” and “the most immersive and ambitious” of the Call of Duty Zombies modes to date. The Black Ops II one was pretty significant, so we’re certainly curious to see what comes of that.

Otherwise, the trailer doesn’t make it out to be a dramatic departure from Advanced Warfare in tone and setting: it’s still set in the far-off future (now 2060) and has tons of robots and flying drones involved. However, the Exo Suits are gone, and now some of the soldiers seem to have transforming guns in their arms. That’s certainly a new twist.

The Black Ops sub-series has been Call of Duty‘s strongest in recent years, so there’s reason to be excited for Black Ops III. It’s due out on 6 November this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, with no last-gen entries expected this time around. We’ll surely see much more when E3 rolls around in June.

[Source: Call of Duty]

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