Cadillac's Super Cruise tech will bring hands-free driving in 2017

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GM plans to soup up 2017 Cadillacs with self-driving tech

Cadillac's advanced Super Cruise driver assist technology will bring semi-automated self-driving to the masses in 2017. But why should you be excited?

Unlike true self-driving cars, the Super Cruise isn't designed to take the responsibility for driving completely off the driver. Instead, it's a semi-autonomous cruise-control-on-steroids which allows for hands-off lane following, braking and speed control.

Once you're on a motorway for example, you can set the speed you want to travel at, and take your hands completely off the wheel. The Cadillac's sensors then gauge how far away cars in front are, and can adjust your speed accordingly, all while remaining in the correct lane.

Safer, smarter driving

It'll will make driving on long journeys a more comfortable experience, although you obviously shouldn't just sit back and scroll through Facebook while thundering along at 70mph. We shouldn't have to explain why.

Cadillac's also working on letting vehicles communicate with each other via what GM calls vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. It can help lessen traffic congestion by relaying information such as speed, direction of travel and location between vehicles. Drivers will then be alerted and be able to use active safety features such as forward collission warning that can already be found on cars already in production.

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[Source: CNet]