Buy a PS3, get a PS Vita free?

SixAxis controller – who needs it? Sony wants to bundle its handheld console with the PS3

SixAxis controller – who needs it? Sony wants to prove that everything the Wii U can do, the PS3 and PS Vita can do better – and it's planning to prove it by bundling the Vita with the PlayStation 3.

Sony UK’s managing director Fergal Gara spilled the beans to CVG, saying that it’s something they’re not ruling out. And with Sony pushing to create a product ecosystem using services like PlayStation Plus we hope to see it soon.

But with the PS3 priced around the £250 mark and a PS Vita setting you back £220, we doubt that a bundle would sell for much under £400 – let alone giving away the PS Vita for free. Perhaps the new slimmer console will be enough to sway buyers?

[CVG via Joystiq]

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