Brammo Empulse and Empulse R electric motorbikes unveiled

A 100mph electric motorbike with great looks, fast recharging, and a 100 mile range, what more could we ask for?

US bike maker Brammo has finally unveiled its much anticipated Empulse and Empulse R electric motorbikes.

Both great looking, minimally faired streetbikes offer a 100mph speed limit and a 100 mile range. And when you run out of juice a mere 3.5 hours will have you fully charged and ready to go again.

The differences between the Empulse and the Empulse R are price and materials. The Empulse is made from plastics while the R uses carbon fibre, which means a price difference with the Empulse at US$17,000 (£10,500) and the R at US$19,000 (£11,800). The Empulse R will go on sale in June while the Empulse won’t be released until the start of 2013. At the moment there’s no word on a UK release.

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