Bragi’s wireless earbuds arrive just in time for jack-free iPhone 7

No headphone socket? No problem!

Wireless earbuds? Silly idea; it’ll never take off.

You can’t fight progress, my friend. With Apple almost certainly about to release the first major smartphone in years without a 3.5mm headphone jack, the time where wireless headphones – hitherto something of an oddity or luxury – become truly mainstream may be upon us. And here’s Bragi with, yes, a new pair of wireless earbuds. Called, simply, “The Headphone”.

Silly idea, silly name…

You might be right there, but let’s skip over the virtues (or lack of them) about that for a sec and take a look at the tech: this comes with Bluetooth 4.0 A2DP, making it compatible with pretty much any smartphone, tablet or laptop on the market, and its battery offers around six hours of audio playback per charge (or 250 hours of standby time; a full charge takes around two hours).

And it’s designed with phones very much in mind, so you can take calls and use voice-activated apps like Siri or Google Now as well as listen to music and podcasts.

There are also three pairs of different-sized earbud tips, so you should be able to get a nice snug fit in your lugholes.

Didn’t Bragi launch a similar product last year?

You’re thinking of the company’s Dash, which wasn’t merely a set of wireless earbuds but a full-on fitness tracker. The Headphone is a simplified version, essentially trimming off the feature-fat and leaving you with a leaner, meaner (and much more affordable) pair of cable-free in-ear cans.

How affordable exactly?

If you order the Headphone before 1 November, you can get them for a special pre-sale price of €119 (around £100). Thereafter, they’ll cost €149 (£125). Shipping should begin in November.

Obviously, we don’t know how good these sound yet, or how well they work – so pre-ordering on the basis of a few pics and a description might prove a bit risky, even if it does save you a few clams. Look out for a review in the future, though…