Blocks of wood? Nope - an ultra-minimal clock and set of connected kitchen scales

See, even nondescript slabs of dead tree can be smart
Blocks of wood? Nope - an ultra-minimal clock and set of kitchen scales


You're excited about wood now? What are you, a beaver?Not to our knowledge. We do have a soft spot for dams though. But we digress. We're not looking at a boring block of wood here. We're looking at two striking examples of minimalist design, blended with smart functionality.

Italian startup Thingk has created a kitchen scale and a clock - the Gkilo and Glock - both of which are cleverly disguised as unassuming pieces of wood.

How the hell do you pronounce those names?Kilo and clock. And before you ask how they work, we should point out they're not filled with sawdust and pixie magic.

The Arduino-powered guts of both devices are encase in plexiglass. An LED matrix is then laid on top, finished off by a wood-like adhesive material, which allows the LEDs to shine through when activated.

The Gkilo scales can be reset with touch gestures, and it can display both the weight of food or the current time, depending on its orientation.

Coupled with an accompanying Android or iOS app, the scales can tell you how long you'll need to cook certain items of food too, based on their weight. There's also a built in timer, so you know when your food's good to go.

Neat. What about the Ga… Gc… clock… thing?Apart from displaying the time when you touch it, it the Glock can link up to the scales, synchronising its timer and setting its alarm accordingly. 

That means that even if you're in another room, you'll know when to rush back and save your dinner from being burnt to a crisp.

Both devices will be able to link to future products too, assuming the US$50,000 Indiegogo goal is reached.

And if I wanted to help reach that goal?Then you can head over to Thingk's Indiegogo page and drop US$100 down for each model. Just keep them hidden from any woodpeckers or termites you might have knocking around.

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