Blinkx Remote serves up streaming TV in one place

Now streaming TV is no longer the preserve of hardcore geeks, the world of iPlayer, 4OD and um, ITV CatchUp needs a legit service where you can snag a

Step forward blinkx remote. Much like it’s moody stepbrother, TV Links, it lets you access TV from all over the web, be it from Auntie, Channel 4 or even CBS, along with Channel 5 and ITV.

The catch? All the content is legal and you won’t find shonky episodes of Lost or Sally Jessica Raphael (strangely alluring as that is). Which isn’t a hardship if you fear the threat of your ISP breathing down your neck about snaffling illegal flicks.

We’ve been having a play around with a beta version and must say it’s as easy as turning on your gogglebox and putting your feet up. Just type in the show you want, hit return and away you go.

You can search by genre and network too, so finding what you want couldn’t be easier. Our picks? Aussie comedy Summer Heights High and er, On The Buses. No Quincy though. Frankly, that’s a disgrace. Still, be sure to head over to and check it out.