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BlackBerry Laguna specs leak with an iPhone 5-beating display

RIM's future BlackBerry 10 handset looks set to hit the ground running with the highest resolution screen on any smartphone to date

Specs for the BlackBerry Laguna (the US counterpart of the BlackBerry London) have escaped through the cracks of RIM’s headquarters and seeped onto the internet. And they’re not too shabby.

If true, RIM’s BlackBerry 10 device will have the highest resolution smartphone screen to date, packing a whopping 1280×768 resolution into a 4.2in display. That’s 355 pixels per inch (compared to the iPhone 5‘s 326ppi) – an impressive feat considering it’s also a little larger than Apple’s offering.

Qualcomm’s dual-core Snapdragon Pro processor will be powering the show and should provide plenty of grunt when combined with 1GB RAM.

NFC and 4G LTE dupability are welcome sights and a 1800mAh battery, 8MP camera and 16GB storage (all crammed into a 9mm thin body) mean that the BlackBerry Laguna and its London equivalent will have a decent shot at returning RIM to its glory days.

Read our BlackBerry 10 hands on review to see what we made of RIM’s next-gen OS in the meantime.

[RapidBerry via GSMArena]

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