BlackBerry apologises for service disruption with free apps

RIM says sorry for service snafu the best way it knows how – with £60 of free apps for each user

When we're sulking, forgiveness comes at a price. You can only buy back our love with shiny TVs, flowers and first person shooters – or if you're BlackBerry, a bunch of premium apps for free.

RIM admitted today that it messed up with last week's service disruptions. So to make amends, all BlackBerry users will be able to download a selection of apps, including Shazam Encore and SIMS 3, from Wednesday until the end of the year.

The initial offering of 12 apps also includes Vlingo Plus: Virtual Assistant and Bejewled. Plus RIM has promised to add more Blackberry App World apps to the list which will total over £60 ($100). 

Less exciting but potentially more useful, all BlackBerry customers get one month's Technical Support for free. So if you're not already signed up and you've got any niggling handset worries, now's your chance to give your Bold a new lick of paint.


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