BlackBerry 10 phone gets named the BlackBerry Z10

RIM's upcoming handset finally gets a proper name tag. We think

The BlackBerry L-series (formally the BlackBerry London) has got an official name according to Unwired View, which claims that the all-touchscreen handset will be called the BlackBerry Z10.

We've already seen leaked pictures of the Z10 handset in the wild, and from what we've seen we rather like the simple style and textured back. And yes, it will also apparently come in white.

Set to be announced at the BlackBerry 10 press launch on January 30th, the BlackBerry Z10 will also be accompanied by a keyboard-toting handset – reportedly called the X10.

Rumours? Facts? Join us on January 30th, where all will be revealed...

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[Unwired View via Pocket Lint]

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